About Us

atlantaskylinefrompiedmontparkOur vision is to develop human in vitro cell models for human disease, to minimize or eliminate the initial need for animal model testing, therefore reducing time to market and saving our customers time and money with respect to their drug development and evaluation initiatives.

It has long been recognized that drug development is expensive. Estimates vary from $500 million to $5 billion per new drug depending on the therapy, coupled with the significant opportunity costs associated with the time required for drug development makes the development of new drugs targeted at treating cancer a significant investment of time and money. The success rate for all new drugs entering phase I trials and the successful completion of product licensing for human use is approximately 9%. Given the inherent costs, and the relatively low commercial success rate for drug therapies that enter the R&D pipeline, there is a significant need for a platform or solution that can effectively reduce the costs, development timelines, and success rates of new cancer drugs. Jeevan believes that the key to more cost-effective and efficient cancer drug development is providing a new platform that can do the following; (i) provide pure human cancer stem cell models that accurately represent cancer tissue, (ii) provide a media that allows human cell tissue to be cultured in an environment free of animal and other non-human products, and (iii) identify unique biomarkers in cancer stem cells that can be accurately and consistently targeted by a drug delivery platform. Jeevan has successfully developed all components of this solution to create an innovative development platform for the testing and evaluation of cancer drug therapies.

Likewise, the use of cellular models to address alcohol toxicity will revolutionize drug development by increasing efficacy, reducing time to market, and make a significant contribution in the growing field of personalized medicine. These cells will also open new commercial opportunities for basic science and research in furthering the understanding of the cellular effects of alcohol.

Disease specific cell models and their cellular derivatives represent important research tools that emulate the underlying mechanisms of human disease, and predict in vivo drug response. These cell models are an alternative and transformative technology for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), as well as drug development for other cancers because it puts genetically profiled human disease tissue in a dish, allowing a more efficient, comprehensive, and cost-effective way to assist companies in determining the drugs that work and those that are toxic, allowing for genetically targeted drug formulations, and saving millions of dollars by reducing time to market, while increasing broad-based revenue potential. Jeevan Biosciences has developed proprietary (human) disease 3D cell models for cancer drug therapy development that will provide significant value to its customers. The components that make up Jeevan’s drug development platform are available commercially, and require no FDA approvals.