Leadership Team

Rodney J. Nash, Ph.D, Co-Founder, President and CEO

With over 16 years of successful product development, management and marketing experience in many facets of the biotechnology industry, Rodney J. Nash, Ph.D serves as President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Jeevan Biosciences, Inc. (JBI).

Dr. Nash is a stem cell biologist by trade, with extensive training in human stem cell model develop. Stem cells have several potential uses, however Dr. Nash has developed technology which allows stem cells to be used to identify biomarkers for drug therapy and disease diagnosis.  He received his formal training from The University of Georgia where he worked at BresaGen (Athens, GA), one of the first biotechnology companies to isolate and develop their own line of human pluripotent stem cells. There he was the first to identify and publish a unique set of biomarkers associated with stem cells. After receiving his Ph.D, Dr. Nash completed his post-doctoral training at Emory University (Atlanta, GA) where he studied neurodegenerative disease, and drug toxicology. Dr. Nash left Emory to start the biotech company Jeevan Biosciences which focuses on developing cell models for testing drugs for therapeutic treatment of disease. Dr. Nash was the first to publish the use of stem cells as a model for gestational alcohol toxicity, as well as the first to identify a unique set biomarkers associated with cancer stem cells. Dr. Nash focuses his efforts on addressing the need for better testing models to develop drugs that target cancer, specifically triple negative breast cancer. Dr. Nash also works on developing models to identify personalized drug treatments for alcohol addiction and abuse. Using stem cells he has patented specific drug targeting technologies and is currently expanding his stem cell repository to represent the genetically diverse population that is currently seen amongst cancer patients and alcohol addicted patients. This technology will promote patient specific treatments based on genetic diversity, which is absent in the current drug development and testing systems.

Saju Samuel, Co-Founder and COO

Saju is a highly entrepreneurial visionary who founded multiple companies including three professional services organizations.  A seasoned savvy street-wise hands-on leader with extensive board and “C” level operating experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial business sectors.  He is a skilled business executive with real world track records in a number of areas: including experience of start-ups, venture capital funding, turn-arounds, strategic planning-tactical implementation, operational problems identification-solution management, cash-flow/financial “challenges” management, managing and sustaining rapid growth in the face of uncertainty and complexity.  He is also experienced in market planning and business development with decades of experience in sales management of both products & services.  A recognized leader who knows how to manage difficult people (mentor, motive or move-on) and business processes.  He has current business development knowledge of ERP/MRP/CRM FI/MI systems as well as strong market tested executive negotiations skills. He is growth, profit and cost control focused.

But to Saju, an equally important component to success is supporting and contributing to a well-being of his community. It’s this commitment to his community that prompted Saju to team up with the Atlanta Music ProjectCommunity and Children In Crisis, and Miqueas 6:8.

He is the co-founder and COO of Jeevan Biosciences, Inc., comes from India and resides in Atlanta, USA.

Donovan Moxey, Ph.D.– Strategic Business Consultant

Dr. Donovan Moxey is a proven Business Executive and Technologists with fifteen (15) years of experience working in the technology industry including new business start-ups, funded technology research, and a large multi-national technology firm. Dr. Moxey has a strong background in electrical engineering, microelectronics, and materials science, and holds a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from North Carolina State University. Dr. Moxey is an experienced entrepreneur with an established track record of success, and experience in technology transfer and commercialization, forming strategic partnerships, leading business development initiatives, information technology (IT) consulting, operations, project management, strategic analysis and planning, new product development, product marketing, complex negotiations, strategic selling, and positioning high-tech start-up companies for equity and non-equity investment.  Dr. Moxey has experience and expertise in technology commercialization, developing national and international strategic alliances and partnerships, including establishing business relationships in North America, the UK, Europe, Korea, Japan, and The Caribbean, as well as building executive management and cross-functional teams, and executive level management experience with roles as CEO, CTO, and VP of Business Development.

Dr. Moxey serves in the role of strategic business consultant to JBI providing guidance and oversight with respect to our business and strategic planning, fund raising, partnering relationships, and growth strategy.

Rachel J. Nash, MPH, Controller and VP of Finance

Rachel received her degree from the University of Georgia and brings a unique blend of skills and experience that will be invaluable in facilitating the successful management of JBI. At Emory University, Rachel has served as the Director of a longitudinal multisite project that were financially supported by the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), as well as Co-Director of a project that was financially supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), both of which are subordinates of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Rachel’s responsibilities included refining of the assessment instruments, financial management of project funds, developing the study protocols, developing project forms, and the hiring of project staff. Rachel is also experienced with collaborations in industry. She was the Coordinator of a Merck research study involving male college students at Emory University and Morehouse College. These studies were centered on HIV infection and sexual behavior, as well as another study involving HIV prevention interventions for African American adolescents. Rachel has expertise in IRB (Institutional Review Board) regulations and the financial management of grants and contracts in academia, government, and the pharmaceutical industry. She has served as the Financial Controller for JBI and the NIH (NIMH) for current funding and protocol regulations, as well as Director of Research Protocols and Regulations.