JBI’s funding to date is from three sources: research grants and sub-contracts, private investment, and product sales.
To date, the company has received research grants and sub-contracts totaling over $1 million. JBI has had direct support and in-kind support to the effort, covering major costs not addressed by research sub-contracts and grants. In addition, JBI has a core group of private investors, some of which is a re-investment of a portion of the proceeds from recent profits, representing a significant vote of confidence in the JBI team. JBI will continue to seek investment financing to expand its product offerings and bring those products to market.


We have started our “Think of 8” campaign to raise funds to expand our cancer stem cell repository. These cancer stem cells are the initiating cell that produces cancer as well as the spread of cancer and cancer re-occurrence. We have successfully used cancer stem cells from other cancer types to develop drug delivery systems that target these imitating cells. We are able to measure the effects that genetic diversity plays in drug metabolism, which allows us to determine which cancer drug or therapeutic work most effectively for each patient. This is personalized medicine for people who suffer with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, as well as other cancers.


Finally, JBI has begun selling tissue culture media to grow and maintain cells from its stem cell repository, currently for research use only. This growing business will continue to fund product improvements and company operations.