JBI offers a mixture of disease, heterogeneous, primary 3D stem cell models and proprietary media for HIV/NeuroAIDS, glioblastoma, and other cancer diseases, as well as laboratory professional services. Our products and services do not have FDA regulatory requirements.

Pure Line of Media Products

Neuro Small


NEURO-PURETM is a chemically defined 100% serum free and xeno free media solution that is designed to produce the most consistent culturing conditions on the market. NEURO-PURETM eliminates serum, standardizes your conditions, and reduces costs.

3D Stem Cancer Stem Models

NeurosphereJBI contract research services team brings over 35 years of experience in developing in vitro solutions to support pharmaceutical drug discovery and development programs. Our team members are highly skilled scientists with in-depth knowledge of absorption and transport, metabolism, and toxicity. Drug development requires predictive compound screens to reduce time-to-market and potential drug-drug interactions. JBI’s ADME contract research services, together with our unique cancer and NeuroAIDS cell models, acts as an extension of a client’s team to provide to develop and deliver a broad range of in vitro ADME/Tox studies to meet discovery and development project needs.