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3D Stem Cancer Stem Models
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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) represent the driving or initiating cell type of a tumor and have been demonstrated to give rise to all cell types in a tumor.  Importantly, these cells are able to persist in tumors as a distinct population, resist radiation and chemotherapy due to their slow turnover and stem-like properties, and are highly tumorigenic. This phenomenon may be a key factor of tumor relapse following therapy, and increased mortality in minority women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC).

“The recent advances made in the isolation and characterization of CSCs” has rapidly gained attention in the field of drug discovery as the next-generation of therapeutic targets. Additionally, the use of CSCs as a human in vitro cell model for TNBC, brain cancer, and skin cancer is a potential diagnostic tool that can possibly predict tumor recurrence and therapy efficacy for patients with cancer. Therefore, the identification of new biomarkers and the development of specific therapies targeted towards CSCs hold promise for advanced treatment regimens and above all, patient survival and improved quality of life.

The overarching challenge in drug development is the issue of efficacy regarding drug
treatment. To address the issues of efficacy, drug development, recurrence, and metastasis of cancer, Jeevan Biosciences, Inc (JBI) has developed a CSC repository. This CSC repository is composed of primary cells that were isolated from patient cancer core biopsies. Using novel biomarkers and specialized cell sorting techniques CSC we identified and isolated from patient tissue samples.

“These cells have been validate through in vivo and in vitro analysis as having stem cell properties” and were able to produce multiple cell types. These cells are grown using a 3-Demensional type cell format, to imitate the actual tumor dimensions.  However, there is a need to expand the repository to represent the current demographic of patients in the US, who are diagnosed with cancer. As mentioned in this funding proposal, CSCs are a unique cell model, which can be used for drug discovery and basic research into their proliferative, apoptotic, and drug-resistance properties. These cells can help predict patient outcome and response to radiation, chemotherapy, and targeted therapeutics, as well as be used for any longitudinal analyses to identify how CSCs respond to treatment. Therefore JBI, is seeking funding for the expansion of its CSC repository. Currently, there is not a human, cell model or animal model that represents the genetic diversity seen in Americans that are diagnosed with cancer. The expansion of this CSC repository will create the only in vitro cell models that represent the genetic diversity of the current population that is diagnosed with cancer in America.

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