R & D Programs

img1Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
At Jeevan Biosciences, we believe an FAS patient cell model can provide more predictive assessments of factors which contribute to the FAS phenotype, as well as identify biomarkers and drug development for treatment. We are committed to the development of an in vitro cell model for FAS.

img2Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)
Jeevan Biosciences has successfully isolated and developed CSC models using unique markers. Through the use of these cell models we are collaborating to identify new targets for therapy to improve patient outcome.

Jeevan Biosciences believes that definitive research has to be performed to study the underlying mechanisms of drug abuse on NeuroAIDS, examining both the effects on neuroimmunity and in neurons and glial cells. Therefore, we are working to design new patient derived cell models to address these research concerns.

img4Retinal Disease
Retinal Diseases affects many American, and is a health care nightmare. Jeevan Biosciences, is committed to developing patient cell models to further drug treatment of these diseases.