Nanoparticle and Drug Delivery System Development

CSC-Nanoparticle1The use of nanggoparticles as a drug delivery systems allows for unique approaches to cancer stem cell targeting. Several nanoparticle delivery systems have been developed however none are specific for targeting cancer stem cells (CSC), the cells that initiate cancer as well as promote recurrence. Jeevan Biosciences, in conjunction with Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) has patented technology for designing nanoparticles which recognize unique targets on CSCs. We determined that specific proteins bind to specific epitopes on the surface of the CSC. These surface targets are specifically elevated on the surface of undifferentiated human CSCs. Other targets that are used are not specific to CSC, and can be found at various states of the cells existence. Our technology allows nanoparticles to target cells and become internalized (show in the image as red; cell nucleus is blue) therefore killing the cells. We have successfully targeted CSCs derived from Gliomas, Melanomas (in conjunction with Cancer Treatment Centers of America) and Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

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